Give a Child a Bike Story 

In mid 2015 Alex came across a great charity work by one of his clients (which later became great friends) was doing in Vietnam, straight away it caught his attention and was really moved by the great work and idea it was. Loi Nguyen is the director and owner of LTH Pty Ltd one of the largest manufactures of jewellery in Melbourne Australia. One afternoon in the spring of 2015 Alex went to Loi’s office which was just crossed the road, he noticed in Loi’s screensaver a photo with hundreds of bikes in it. This caught Alex’s curiosity, Loi went on to tell Alex of his extraordinary humble beginnings back in Vietnam and his charity. 

Loi Nguyen Amaizing story begins when he was just a boy growing up in Vietnam his parent were hard workers but they could hardly make ends meet. But the real struggle was for Loi having to walk every day 2 hours to get to school and 2 hours to get back home. He would do this trip everyday just to be able to attend school. As a child Loi dreamed of a bicycle and used to wish for one every Christmas but as the story goes his parents struggles continued throughout his whole childhood. All these events sparked a burning desire in Loi which went on to becoming a very successful business man having one of the largest jewellery manufacturing business in the state, but even all the success in the world, Loi never forgot his humble beginnings and the struggle of his childhood back in Vietnam. As soon as Loi’s business started doing well he started putting money aside and when Christmas time came he would take his whole family back to Vietnam where he would gift bicycles to disadvantage kids in Vietnam that used to be in his same situation. This act of great thought and kindness has helped thousands and thousands of kids throughout the years to don’t have to walk for hours to get to school. Thanks to having a bike, a 2 hour walk becomes a quick 25 minutes bike ride. However, Loi says that the greatest contribution in the kids lives is knowing that someone cared about them. 

Alex’s next year’s goal is to increase to 1000 bikes, Loi alone has been self funding about 500 bikes for many years. Alex goal for this coming year is to donate himself 500 bikes taking the total to 1000 or more. The 500 will be self-funded by Alex, however if anyone from the public would like to participate, contact us